• To be a leader in design furniture industry,
• To produce superior, new and different products,
• To ensure that the name B&T Design identifies with quality and different and innovative concepts,
• To determine the changing demands on time based on customer satisfaction, to respond quickly to requests, to produce / dispatch on time and in desired design requirements, to provide quality products and competitive price,
• Perform production with zero error,
• To follow and use high technology effectively in order to sustain customer satisfaction,
• To adopt the understanding that all personnel are responsible for quality, and therefore to place quality awareness on all personnel, to provide trainings to improve their knowledge and skills, to encourage adaptation and creativity,
• To ensure the happiness and motivation of the personnel,
• To adopt the understanding of the continuous improvement of the system by evaluating the Quality Objectives, based on the performance indicators of the processes defined in the system,

is our quality policy.

In this respect, we are committed to determine our Quality Objectives (QMS-PH02) as B&T Design, to continuously review our goals and to expand this policy among all of our employees.

General manager