B&T Design Realized the Factory Trips with the First Kadir Has University!


B&T Design, which has signed many projects since 1995, started to organize factory visits in order to support its future designers.

B&T Design started organizing for the universities with the students of Industrial Design Department of Art and Design Faculty of Kadir Has University in the province.

Talip Aysan and Plant Manager Özkan Öztürk, the founder of Gezide B&T Design, guided the students while presenting the organization and projects of Muzaffer Karabilen B&T Design, Marketing and Sales Manager in Istanbul Showroom.

Kadir Has University Head of Department of Industrial Product Design Dr. İlhan Erhan, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Ayşe Elif Coşkun Orlandi and Asst. Assoc. Dr. The Revolution participated in the hunting together with the students of Ülkbas.

The founder of the company, Talip Aysan, shared the background of B&T Design and the experiences he had during this process. Besides, the production departments were visited one by one and the students were informed about the production process and the materials and techniques used in the sector were introduced. Students had the opportunity to explore their processes and materials during the trip.

After visiting the factory to see the finished products, the showroom was visited. In the presentation at the showroom, information about the firm was handed in, how the designers were negotiated and how the institution could support the students in their projects.