B&T Design Furniture Store Opened


B&T Design opened its newest store in Alacaatlı Caddesi Çayyolu in Ankara with the participation of close friends.

Founded in 1993 with a metal workshop aimed at dreams and designs, the B&T Design brand met its customers with its modern subdivision and different designs within an area of one thousand five hundred square meters. Guests welcomed with cocktails and catering arrangements arranged on the terastas, had the opportunity to examine their products. In the opening day where fun minutes were experienced, guests could explore the products closely. B&T Design is in business with successful designers such as Tanju Özgren, Alp Nuhoğlu, Sezgin Aksu and Bülend Özden and thanks to its versatile production structure, a wide range of products such as offices, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, sports centers, educational institutions, social areas and houses owner.