Kadikoy's Joint Working Space İDEA Kadıköy Opened


Kadikoy Municipality provides a creative solution to the search for offices.

Design Workshop Designed with the joint work of B&T Design (www.bt.design) team, which was established by Özlem Serdar, Burçin Cevik, Duygu Ezgi Demircan and Talip Aysan from Kadıköy (TAK) (www.takortak.org) team, İDEA Kadıköy is a group of people working in different disciplines offers an ideal space to come.

The upper floors of the two storeys serve by renting, while the lower floors can be used free of charge by each visitor. On the lower floor of İDEA Kadıköy, there are two activity halls with capacity of 30 people consisting of moving walls and these rooms can be combined as needed and the hall capacity can be increased to 80 persons. The Idea Environment will Develop IDEA is aimed at the development of collective thinking environment by bringing together people in different disciplines; NGOs operating for the sake of social benefit can also use the area of ​​activity allocated to the companies for free.

There is a special and useful office furniture designed for the common areas by B&T Design designer Mustafa Timur. There is also a café and a children's home in İDEA Kadıköy, where an exciting working and socializing area was created. Especially designed for students and new graduates to find a free and free work space for them, the space is waiting for every age and profession.

It is aimed to establish a participatory social network in İDEA Kadıköy, which will serve in Kadıköy Municipality in Caferağa District, Küçük Ağa Sokak. The venue will be available 7 days a week.

You can get detailed information from ideakadikoy@kadikoy.bel.tr for monthly membership.