B&T Design Organized Factory Tours for Universities Now for Bahçeşehir University!


B&T Design, which has been involved in various projects since 2004 and has started projects abroad since 2009, has now started to organize factory visits to support architects and industrial designers of the future and to give a light.

This time he organized a factory tour for B&T Design universities with Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Architecture and Design Industrial Products design students. Talip Aysan, founder of Gezide B&T Design and Özkan Öztürk, Factory Manager, guided the students.

Talip Aysan, founder of the company on the factory tour, shared the past of B&T Design with students and the experiences they had during this process.

Founded in a metal workshop aimed at branding and design, B&T Design started with the goal of 'good product' instead of 'selling' concept to the adventure of its own rules by adopting universal ideals.

B&T Design defines design as a natural process and means of communication that can not be assessed through formal training, materials, production methods, ideology, time constraints, and its primary purpose is to create a structure in which all of its products are designed for 'the human being served by the contestant.'

Complementing the modern underpinnings of your future design brand, B&T Design continues to design furnishings that create impressive interiors, modern work and living spaces for many offices and homes.

B&T Design exports to more than 50 countries from Australia to Sweden; has a competitiveness that has been tested on a universal scale with its ongoing sales and marketing strategy abroad.

As a solution partner to interior architects and architects, B&T Design is often referred to by its products with its strong production capacity, large scale hotel, hospital, office, residential projects and sustainable design with its expertise in design management.