Technological Designs from B&T Plus


B&T Design's new brand, B&T Plus, brings technology, trend and design together. The collection, signed by Talip Aysan, Tech and Fil products, is especially appealing to technology enthusiasts.

Since 1993, B&T Design products, which are known for their high quality tables and chairs, have been added to a new brand with the name B&T Plus. B&T Plus consists of a special collection created by famous designers with design-oriented materials. Firman's new designs, Tech and Elephant, are of great interest to users.

All the models in the collection, made up of leather seats, colorful seating groups, tables and chairs to complement the stylish houses, are gaining a taste of seeing with its design, material qualities, colors and striking models. Offered in a wide range of colors such as white, red, kavuniçi, brown and black, the products incorporate stylish, modern, high quality and refreshing original lines in the spaces as they are integrated into the houses.

Inspirational models are also being demanded by homes, restaurants, cafes, and offices. It can be taken as a team, as well as products that can be integrated into the spaces in one place, can be prepared in the desired color. The lower bases can be shiny, lacquered or available with the desired special materials. For all products, it is also possible to make chrome or mat chrome feet.

Tech and File See Large Interest

The new brand models introduced in September in Turkey, who has won the admiration of. Especially the chair named Tech and the design called Fil, which is the seat of the same model, attract great attention.

Emphasizing modernism and comfort, the Elephant takes its name from its cute ears, which are folded to lean back. The backrest, which is just as wide as a scarf ears, is very assertive with comfort.

The price of the model designed by Talip Aysan is 1 billion 450 million TL.

Another design of Talip Aysan, Tech chairs, brings together the aesthetic curves, comfort and durability that are shaped by technology. In addition to the houses, colorful chairs that can be used in restaurants and cafés seem to be famous for taking positive energy to workplaces where they wear office pillar. The price of Tech is 262 million TL.

Products 10 Year Guaranteed

All B&T Plus models combine comfort, quality and aesthetics with an injection molding system. With special polyurethane material and a metal construction, the use of steel springs to enhance comfort, where necessary, is the most important factor that makes the products ergonomic.

When it is seated, designs that take the body shape of a person return to their old form when they arise and display a stylish appearance. The brand, which can offer high quality standard in all its products, is guaranteed for 10 years against problems caused by production and collapse.

Over the past two years, the company's R&D Group has been preparing products that are so ambitious that they can match up with world-renowned designers on material selection, durability and creativity. Despite technological, aesthetic curves and unique designs, very economical prices compared to imports are emerging as the product of the rigorous operation of the R&D Group.