Design Passion in the City


B&T Design has opened a new showroom in Maslak, where design-pleasure areas are preferred in mobile furniture. The venue that carries the sign of Tanju Yuksin, airborne chairs, colorful stools lined up over the top, stylish chairs and interlocking stools are arranged as strikingly as an exhibition.

B&T Design, in 2008, is entering the new showroom in Maslak. Tables, chairs, sofas, storage units, lighting, motion design, such as the library, the company in the next 2 years, and Turkey as well as abroad through serious attacks, to reach more people with the products.

Representing the first step of the growth project of the brand, Maslak B&T Design stands out with its elegant vitrini, which holds the pulse of business world. The showroom, which was created as a concept store, will be the first address to take care of the complementary furniture in the areas of pleasure from design.

The new store, which feels the modern and creative line of B&T Design, presents a different breath to the spaces when it is entered from the door. Delightfully placed products in a spacious space are chosen from colorful objects that ignite the passion for decoration. When you come to your house or to your office, to look at your products for special projects such as restaurants, hotels, the experienced team that greets you is mainly composed of architects and interior architects.

Founded 14 years ago, B&T Design has successfully represented Turkish design in the world for the last 7 years. B&T Design signed products and international awards, which are sold in the same venues with the world's famous brands abroad, are the results of the company's rising success. The design brand, which is preparing to open a center in Milan in the coming months, will increase its prevalence outside of Istanbul by giving 5 new franchises in the country.