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  • International Sales

    T:+90 (212) 220 26 97
    F:+90 (212) 320 12 76
    E: export@bt.design

  • UK

    5a Wilmington Square, Clerkenwell, London, WC1X 0ES, England
    E: london@bt.design
  • Production Sites

    B&T Turkey Plant
    Çerkeşli OSB Mah. İMES, 10. Cad. No: 18, 41455, Dilovası, Kocaeli, Turkey
    E: factory@bt.design

    B&T Bulgaria Plant
    Kuklensko str.no:17 4000, Plovdiv, Bulgaria
    E: europe@bt.design


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  • Canada
  • Panama
  • United States
  • Venezuela
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  • Hong Kong
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